Find Yours: Choosing the Right Tools

When starting, growing, or changing up your STIHL tool lineup, there's a lot to consider—from which power source to use to the types of jobs you perform to the size of your property. Use the guides and comparison charts below to make the best decisions for your outdoor power equipment needs.

Build Your STIHL Lineup

Use our interactive STIHL Consult tool to answer a few questions about your property, build a custom set of STIHL equipment, and keep your yard in top shape for years to come.

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Long Term Battery Benefits

Investing in battery power can save your professional fleet big time in the long run. Use our calculator to help estimate ROI and determine how quickly your business could experience savings on fuel and operational costs.

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Fuel Savings Calculator

Switching to STIHL battery power can save you money, but how much money? Use our fuel savings calculator to calculate the benefits of switching to battery power.

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Compare Pro Backpack Blowers

The STIHL BR 600, BR 700, and BR 800 backpack blowers are not only powerful forces for lawn cleanup, they can also save you money. Find out how much with this calculator.

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Battery Charging Times and Charging Solutions

Use the included charts to help you determine the best charging solutions for your business and to help you calculate how many batteries are needed for your daily work.

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